Criminal and Criminal Proceedings Law

Criminal and Criminal Proceedings Law

We provide legal advice, drafting requests and criminal complaints.

Assault, defamation, insult, theft, conditional release, possession and drug trafficking, etc., memoirs, assistance in the criminal investigation phase at the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Drawing up the documents in the criminal prosecution phase until the indictment and the court.

Full assistance and representation in criminal cases, regardless of their nature (from minor offenses to major and economic crimes).

Criminal law is the instrument by which the most important social values ​​are defended against dangerous facts.

Romania, the sovereignty, independence, unity and indivisibility of the state, its person, its rights and freedoms, property as well as the whole order of law are the important social values ​​defended by the Romanian criminal law.

The name of Criminal Law is used in two meanings:

1. Specific branch of law, which brings together the system of criminal legal norms;
2. Science – a distinct branch of the legal sciences that study these norms.
In the specialized literature, criminal law is defined as a branch of the law system, made up of all the legal norms legislated by the legislative power, which determine which facts constitute crimes, the conditions of criminal liability, sanctions and other measures to be applied or taken by to the courts of the persons who committed crimes, in order to defend the most important social values ​​of the rule of law.

Characteristics of Criminal Law in Romania
1. Criminal law is a branch of distinct law, which is part of the Romanian law system, along with other branches of law – constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, etc .;
2. The criminal law has an autonomy in relation to the other branches of law, because it regulates a distinct field of social relations – those concerning the social reaction against crimes;
3. Criminal law has a unitary structure, as its provisions, whether general or special, have a unitary character, complement each other and there could be none without the other;
4. The criminal law consists of a totality of legal norms that have normative content and that regulate a certain sphere of social relations, the totality of the criminal legal norms constituting the normative content of the criminal law;
5. The norms of the criminal law establish the facts considered as offenses, the conditions for taking criminal responsibility, as well as the sanctions to be applied or taken in case of their violation;
6. The criminal legal norms are applied in order to protect the rule of law, the law order in Romania against socially dangerous facts.

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Florin Nicolau Attorney:
In Search of the Truth. This is our main objective, which can be found in the style of work, in the belief that the Romanian legislative system will give economic and social stability in a short time.


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